Over the past several years Jinder has produced her own creations as well working with other co-producing partners. Her “can do attitude” has taken Jinder on a remarkable journey of producing movies of the week, feature films and documentaries.

She has worked with the likes of Telefilm Canada, BC Film, Sask Film and the National Film Board of Canada along with seeking private investment partners for her many projects.

Remarkably, Jinder has worked for several broadcasters across Canada and the United States. She has created, written, produced and directed several entertaining programs for; CBC, NBC, APTN, BBC, and ROGERS BROADCASTING.
Jinder started out in television as news reporter for CKVU in Vancouver and CBLT in Toronto. She then ventured out into a “fill in” hosting a television news magazine show for Omni Television in Vancouver “The Standard”.

Jinder has worked as writer for over 18 years and is a member of the Writer’s Guild of Canada and America. Over the past 18 years Jinder has worked with Canadian Broadcasters, American Networks, Independent Production Companies and other collaborative partners to write documentaries, television drama, movies of the week and feature films.

Her writing is intended to inspire, entertain, and motivate individuals through her powerful story telling skills. The concepts she creates are facilitated through her own intuitive process and her gift of inner vision.
Her current writing credits include: The Seeker, Colour Blind, The Komagata Maru, Ralph Klein-No Ordinary Man, 49th & Main, Elvis and Mrs. Singh, and Code of Silence. She has written several children stories including “The Mystic Adventures of Yeti”.

Jinder is currently directing a one hour documentary for the BIOGRAPHY Network and is directing multiple episodes for the Lifetime Networks critically acclaimed hit docu-drama series, X-Weighted II for Anaid Productions Inc. Jinder has directed several documentaries and is about to embark on directing her first feature film, Elvis and Mrs. Singh.

Jinder has mentored with some of the best “A list” directors “Hollywood” offers. She was honoured when she was invited to learn how to direct comedy with eight time academy award winner director James Burrows on the hit comedy series.” Will and Grace”

The Komagata Maru

Mini-Series | Created By

Set in 1914, serialized mini-series The Komagata Maru tells both the inspiring and heartbreaking story of two lovers ripped apart, and their journey to freedom. The cause? An issue that feels ever-prevalent and controversial today – immigration.

Combat Hospital

TV Show | Created By

Portrays doctors and nurses from Canada, the U.S., the U.K. and other allied countries saving lives and limbs in a war zone military hospital modeled on a real facility in Afghanistan.


TV Show | Director

A reality program that documents the lives of individuals trying to win the war against fat.

49th and Main

TV Show | Creative Consultant

49th & Main is a CBC Television soap opera that focuses on the interactions of the business people, merchants, and residents of the multicultural area.

Colour Blind

Documentary | Director & Writer

This film shows kids that being racist is not cool and that even subtle racism can explode into violence. Shot in Vancouver and Toronto schools, the film features teens from a variety of backgrounds.

No Ordinary Man

Documentary | Director & Producer

No Ordinary Man is a documentary that explores the lesser-known, human side of Ralph Klein. The doc aired on the Documentary Channel.